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Concrete Patio Arnold

Ravenview Deck’s concrete installation team can plan and design your new Concrete Patio Arnold or porch. We also demo and replace existing patios and porches. We offer functional designs in natural gray or colored concrete. In addition, our professional finishers can stain, stamp and seal your new Concrete Patio Arnold or porch for that one-of-a-kind escape. We do paver patios too!

Why Install a Concrete Patio or Porch?

Concrete is super versatile and easy to form into any shape. It’s a great solution for backyard areas with size restrictions. Concrete can be placed and formed to the contour of your landscaping and living area. In addition, it can be colored, stamped, or stained to compliment your home or natural surroundings.

Concrete patios and porches require minimal maintenance and weather well over time. They are durable and long-lasting, especially considering the variety of aggregate mixes available today. An outdoor concrete patio or porch improves the aesthetics of your home and is well worth the investment.

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What’s Included With Patios and Porches

As with any outdoor project, a member of the Ravenview Decks team will meet with you initially to discuss your Concrete Patio Severna Park design and requirements. You will be provided a fair estimate of the work and our concrete installation team will handle the complete project for you from start to finish. Permitting, if necessary is our responsibility and we will contact Ms. Utility for any larger excavation work.

We use professional-grade concrete for our installations which are available in natural gray or a variety of integral colors. We also provide stains, sealers, and stamp patterns if part of your concrete project. We demo the area, remove the debris and prepare the space for placement of the concrete. Any downspouts are buried and re-directed away from the area. Proper pitch and slope of the concrete is always taken into consideration to eliminate pooling of water and ensure runoff. Your concrete project is finished as agreed and the forms are removed a few days later. Warranties are included with our Concrete Patio Severna Park and porch installations.

Why Choose Ravenview?

Our professional concrete finishing team has more than 25 years of experience installing concrete Concrete Patio Severna Park and porches. We back our work 100 percent and are licensed, local, and insured. Warranties are provided on all our installations. We specialize in decorative concrete projects from sidewalks to patios and provide functional living spaces for you and your family. We pour driveways and parking pads in addition to patios and porches. We accept multiple forms of payment including all major credit cards and PayPal. Let Ravenview Decks make your versatile concrete patio or porch a reality!

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Call today to learn how we can help!