Custom Built Decks

Ravenview Decks can design and construct a custom deck for you using either pressure-treated wood or composite framing. Our portfolio includes deck replacements, new deck construction, and deck additions. You can either use a design of your own, one of ours or for simpler projects we can provide standard dimensional deck offerings.

Why Add a Deck?

Not only is a deck a great escape for you and your family, it also adds value to your home. A custom deck increases your square footage and living space for entertaining, eating, and grilling. Decks are a fairly inexpensive addition to your home and can be used 3 out of the 4 seasons in Maryland and Virginia. They are also esthetically pleasing and add beauty to your outdoor living space.

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Custom Built Decks - Ravenview Decks

Patios and Porches

Ravenview Deck’s concrete installation team can plan and design your new concrete patio or porch. We also demo and replace existing patios and porches. We offer functional designs in natural gray or colored concrete. In addition, our professional finishers can stain, stamp and seal your new patio or porch for that one-of-a-kind escape. We do paver patios too!

Why Install a Concrete Patio or Porch?

Concrete is super versatile and easy to form into any shape. It’s a great solution for backyard areas with size restrictions. Concrete can be placed and formed to the contour of your landscaping and living area. In addition, it can be colored, stamped, or stained to compliment your home or natural surroundings.

Concrete patios and porches require minimal maintenance and weather well over time. They are durable and long-lasting, especially considering the variety of aggregate mixes available today. An outdoor concrete patio or porch improves the aesthetics of your home and is well worth the investment.

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Patios and Porches - Ravenview Decks

Sidewalks and Driveways

Ravenview Decks also specializes in concrete sidewalks, walkways, and driveways. We offer simple designs using traditional gray concrete and include decorative alternatives such as colored and stamped concrete installations. We demo and replace existing concrete sidewalks, walkways, and driveways. We also design, form, place, and finish new concrete installations or additions. We provide smooth and slip-resistant broom finishes.

Why Install a Sidewalk or Driveway?

Concrete sidewalks and walkways can add curb appeal to your property, which increases the value of your home. They also provide easy access for your family and friends to either enter your home, access your backyard or deck.

In many neighborhoods, common area concrete sidewalks which are adjacent to your home can be your responsibility, therefore replacing damaged or unlevel concrete should be a priority. Concrete driveway additions, turnarounds, and replacements add additional parking areas for homeowners with multiple vehicles, allow safe entry onto busy streets, and again add value to your home.

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Sidewalks and Driveways - Ravenview Decks

Concrete Stains and Finishes

Ravenview Deck’s finishing team can apply custom finishes and stains to upgrade your concrete project. We work with acid-based stains which penetrate and react chemically with cured (14-28 days old) concrete both new and old. The stains are available in subtle earth tones such as tans, browns, terra-cottas, and light blue-green.

There are also water-based stains available in additional colors and concrete sealers in a variety of pigmented colors. They too can beautify your concrete space and give it a much-needed uplift. The Ravenview team can finish your interior concrete floors too!

Why Apply a Stain or Finish?

Stains applications are a great way to accent your patio and add beauty to your outdoor living space. Their subtle earth tones will compliment your home or natural landscape. Concrete stains are permanent, non-fading colors, and weather well. Unlike paints and coatings, they do not flake or peel and are easy to maintain.

Concrete sealers add color, protect, seal and waterproof your concrete projects. They are a great way to uplift an existing space and are easy to clean. Just like stains, they do not peel, chip, crack or fade. Stains and finishes help increase the value of your home and add a decorative flair to any concrete project.

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Concrete Stains and Finishes - Raven View Decks

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