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Ravenview Deck’s finishing team can apply custom finishes and stains to upgrade your concrete project. We work with acid-based stains which penetrate and react chemically with cured (14-28 days old) concrete both new and old. The stains are available in subtle earth tones such as tans, browns, terra-cottas, and light blue-greens.

There are also water-based stains available in additional colors and concrete sealers in a variety of pigmented colors. They too can beautify your concrete space and give it a much-needed uplift. The Ravenview team can finish your interior concrete floors too!

Concrete Stains and Finishes - Raven View Decks

Why Apply a Stain or Finish?

Stains applications are a great way to accent your patio and add beauty to your outdoor living space. Their subtle earth tones will compliment your home or natural landscape. Concrete stains are permanent, non-fading colors, and weather well. Unlike paints and coatings, they do not flake or peel and are easy to maintain.

Concrete sealers add color, protect, seal and waterproof your concrete projects. They are a great way to uplift an existing space and are easy to clean. Just like stains, they do not peel, chip, crack or fade. Stains and finishes help increase the value of your home and add a decorative flair to any concrete project.

What’s Included with Concrete Stains and Finishes

A Ravenview representative will meet with you to discuss your decorative finishing project’s design. During your design consultation, you will have color cards or pallets to choose from. Finish types and gloss levels will be discussed. Our applications include cleaning and any necessary preparation of the concrete to accept the stain or sealer. Older concrete may require additional preparation and we will be sure to include everything in your written estimate.

We will protect your home and the surrounding landscape before applying the stain or finish to minimize clean-up after application. If required or part of the contract, sealers or clear coats will be applied. Warranties are included and available for our stains and finish applications.

Why Choose Ravenview?

The Ravenview team has been installing concrete for more than 25 years and specializes in decorative finishes. We have in-house trained personnel familiar with staining and finishing concrete sidewalks, patios, and porches. Properly finishing concrete requires a skilled tradesman familiar with the attributes of the product and how it performs under any condition. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and understand the importance of doing the job right. Decorative, Concrete Projects We Do ‘Em!

Let us show you what it means to do the job once and right.

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